Frequently Asked Questions for Investment In BharatInvestments



What is Bharat Investment & what does it offer?
Bharat Investment (BI) is a customer friendly online investment platform initiated by Bharat Investments Corporate Advisory Services Ltd. (Bharat Investments) which offers quick and easy services through web portal and mobile application to invest online in various financial instruments. Currently Bharat Investment (BI) is offering services related to investment in Mutual funds & Fixed Deposits. It will extend its services to other financial products soon.

Who are the promoters of Bharat Investment?
Bharat Investments Corporate Advisory Services Ltd is the promoter of Bharat Investment.

What are the credentials of Bharat Investments Corporate?
Bharat Investments Corporate Advisory Services Ltd. (Bharat Investments) started in 2000 as a mutual fund distributor, has expanded multi-fold in all aspects of wealth management in just 15 years. Currently it has its presence across 63 branches in 17 states.
The group provides integrated wealth management solutions through Mutual funds, Equities, Commodity & Derivatives, Bonds, Insurance and Realty through various group companies and widespread branch network across India.Bharat Investments is the winner of CNBC TV 18 Financial Advisor award for Five years in a row.

What are the tools and services offered by BI?
BI provides a wide range of investment tools like goal based investment planning, WRAP portfolio, trigger based investment, multiple transactions execution at one go, instant redemption for select schemes, etc. Currently BI is providing facility to invest online into Mutual Funds & Fixed Deposits. BI will extend its services to other financial products soon.

What are the modes of payment through which investors can transact on BI?

Currently BI is offering three modes of payment facility for investments :
1. Net Banking
2. Using your registered Bank mandate (NACH)
What steps are taken by BI to secure my data & investments
BI ensures the highest level of security with a software named “Symantec”. BI maintains utmost confidentiality and security of your personal information & documents. Moreover, no personal data is shared with a third party vendor.

Is there any limit on the number of funds that can be selected
BI allows you to select maximum 10 schemes at one go for lumpsum & SIP both.

Which mutual fund schemes can I invest in
Currently through BI, you can invest into various schemes of 26 different Mutual Fund houses as listed below:

  • Axis Mutual Fund
  • Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund
  • Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
  • BNP Paribas Mutual Fund
  • BOI AXA Investment Managers
  • Canara Robeco Mutual Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund
  • Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund
  • HDFC Mutual Fund
  • ICICI Bharatinvestmentsial Mutual Fund
  • IDBI Mutual Fund
  • IDFC Mutual Fund
  • Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund
  • L&T Mutual Fund
  • LIC Nomura Mutual Fund
  • Mahindra Mutual Fund
  • Mirae Asset Global Investments
  • Motilal Oswal Asset Management Services
  • DHFL Pramerica Mutual Fund
  • Principal PNB Asset Management Company
  • Reliance Mutual Fund
  • Religare Invesco Mutual Fund
  • SBI Mutual Fund
  • Sundaram Mutual Fund
  • Tata Mutual Fund
  • UTI Mutual Fund

Will BI help me to decide the funds to invest in & build my portfolio?
Yes. We would be glad to advise you, after considering your risk profile, for investing in various funds after we launch our Advisory Services section. However, we may charge a fee for such advisory services provided by us.

How can I, as an investor, make an investment through BI?
You should be a KYC verified investor to open your account in a purely paperless & hassle-free manner. After opening the account with us, you can login and start investing in 3 simple steps:
- Choose the scheme of your choice for Lump sum (one time investment) or SIP - Enter the amount you wish to invest - Make payment through secured Net Banking, NEFT/RTGS or registered Bank Mandate Also, please note that the account opening process has to be completed only once. After that, you can invest in any fund of your choice as often as you wish.

Can I visit any of the Bharat Investments branches for any help or queries?
Yes, you can visit any of the Bharat Investments branches for any help or queries. To get the details of our branch network & contact details, please refer the ‘Contact Us’ section on our website You can also call on our toll free number 1800 419 5051 for assistance.

What is a SIP ? What are the advantages of a SIP ?
SIP, short for systematic investment plan, refers to an investment plan wherein a specific amount is invested on a specified date for a specified period at regular fixed intervals. A fixed amount is invested to buy units at the NAV prevailing on the date of investment.

Following are the advantages of SIP:
  • Rupee cost averaging
  • Power of compounding
  • Disciplined investing
  • Lighter on the wallet
  • Convenience

  • With which banks has BI partnered for their banking transactions?
    Click here to view the list of banks which provide both Net Banking & NACH facility. Click here to view the list of banks which provide only NACH facility.


    Am I required to pay any charges for the services offered by BI?
    Transaction Charges: Currently BI doesn’t charge any fees for any execution service from their client but we may come up with Transaction & Execution charges in the future.
    Advisory Service: Currently our advisory service department is at a development stage. However, after we start offering advisory services, clients who wish to avail this service can mail us on We shall revert with details of the fees for various services offered by us.

    With which banks has BI partnered for their banking transactions?
    Click here to view the list of banks which provide both Net Banking & NACH facility.
    Click here to view the list of banks which provide only NACH facility.

    How can I make payment for my SIP transactions?
    You can make payment for SIP transactions only through a NACH mandate. You need to send duly signed NACH mandate to us for registration. Once registered, the amount will be directly debited from your bank account on the business day prior to your SIP date.

    What if the day prior to my SIP date is a holiday/non business day?
    If the day prior to your SIP date is a holiday/non business day, then the debit will happen on the immediate next business day of the holiday. NAV allotment date will be the next business day which follows the SIP debit date.

    Can I stop my SIP through Bharat Investment?
    Only SIPs initiated on Bharat Investment can be stopped, paused or renewed through Bharat Investment. For SIPs which are registered offline and then shifted to Bharat Investment, they will be stopped by submitting a physical request only. The physical request needs to be submitted to the respective AMC/RTA.

    In how many days will my SIP registered through Bharat Investment stop?
    SIPs registered through Bharat Investment can be stopped on an immediate basis. However, any SIP installments falling within 7 days from the date of SIP stop request will be processed.

    How long does it take to convert my offline folios to online?
    Generally it takes approximately 15 days to convert your offline folios to online. However, if your folios are not converted within 15 days, you may contact us on our toll free number 1800 419 5051 or you can write to us at transactions@ Bharat

    I am holding an offline investment with Bharat Investments. How can I convert my offline folio to online?
    To convert your offline folios to online, you need to submit a folio conversion request from your Bharat Investment login : My account > Manage account > Change offline to online folio
    Please note that offline to online conversion in folios is not possible where there is a mismatch in holding pattern or tax status or where mode of operation is ‘Joint’.
    If in case you have an existing facility of SIP, STP or SWP then any changes like stoppage, discontinuance, etc will be executed through your offline signed instruction only.

    Under what circumstances will my purchase be rejected?
    Your purchase may be rejected in the following circumstances:

    • The online payment for the purchase was unsuccessful
    • The transaction has been initiated but not paid for more than 30 days
    • The investment amount specified does not meet the minimum investment amount criteria of the selected scheme.
    What is the cut- off time to invest & transact through Bharat Investment?
    Cut-off time:
    1. Purchase transaction : For liquid scheme transactions, cut-off time is 12.00 pm and for non-liquid scheme transaction cut-off time is 01.00 pm
    2. Redemption and switch transaction : For all schemes the cut-off time is 02.00 pm
    3. Transaction requests received after cut-off time mentioned above will be executed on the next business day.
    4. In case the payment is made through a NACH mandate, the transaction will get executed within 2 working days from the date of debit in your bank account.

    I submitted a purchase before 12 pm. However my bank account was debited after 12 pm. Which day’s NAV will my purchase be considered for ?
    Since the transaction is very close to the Bharat Investment cut off time, there is a possibility that the purchase will be considered for the next business day’s NAV.

    How can I view the valuation of my investments?
    You can view the valuation of your investments by clicking on Reports > Portfolio valuation. This module will help to view your holdings either client wise or scheme wise.

    Where can I view my historical transactions ?
    You can view your historical transactions on Dashboard under Transaction information > Recent transaction.

    Where can I view my pending transactions ?
    You can view your pending transactions on Dashboard under Transaction information > Pending transaction.

    Can I place a redemption order by selecting either units or amount ?
    Yes. You can place a redemption order by selecting either units or amount.

    How & when can I verify my investment status with BI?
    You can verify the investment status in your BI login at any time.

    How safe is my investment with BI?
    All Mutual funds’ investments are in the name of the client. No funds are retained by us as we are here to facilitate transaction processing & fund transfer for making investments. Moreover, we do not allow any third party transactions. As such, your money and investments are completely safe with BI.

    What is previous day NAV in liquid funds?
    How can I get previous day NAV for liquid funds?
    Previous day NAV means you get T-1 day NAV in liquid funds. If you invest in liquid funds before 12 pm today & if funds are utilized by the AMC before 2 pm today, you will get previous day NAV.


    Who can open an account with BI?
    Currently, only Resident Individuals, NRIs & HUF can open an account with BI.

    While opening an account with BI, why do you require a cancelled cheque leaf image?
    A cancelled cheque leaf means an original cheque leaf with ‘Cancelled’ written across it.
    Mutual Fund third party rules require that an investment in your name has to be made from your bank account only. Hence, we require a cancelled cheque leaf image with your name printed on it as a valid proof while registering your bank account in BI.
    If your name is not printed on the cheque leaf, then you have to upload anyone of the following documents (in addition to cancelled cheque leaf) :

    • A self-attested copy of your bank statement (not older than 3 months).
    • A self-attested copy of your bank passbook with some recent transaction entries (not older than 3 months). The copy of passbook must have your name printed on it. It is important for us to fulfill this formality in order to complete the financial transactions safely and securely.

    Can I register with BI without submitting any physical documents?
    Yes, a KYC compliant individual investor can open an account with us without submitting physical documents. However, for opening a HUF account, a few physical documents need to be submitted.

    Which investor’s bank account will be used in case investment is done in the name of multiple holders?
    Primary investor’s bank account will be used as default bank account in case of investment in the name of multiple holders.

    How many investors can I add to my existing BI account for the purpose of investment?
    BI offers the facility of adding multiple investors in your account. You can add minors, NRIs & HUF in your account.

    For a joint investor account, is it necessary to complete registration & activate account for all investors?
    Yes in order to invest through BI’s joint account, all willing investors need to complete their online registration process & activate their account.

    How can I change my bank with BI?
    To change your bank, you need to click on My AccountàManage AccountàChange Bank in your Bharat Investment login. I was making investment online and while making payment through net banking, my transaction was not successful, but amount got debited from my bank account. What should I do now?
    In rare circumstances, if such an incident happens, your money will be refunded to your account within 3 working days. Kindly contact us if the amount is not refunded within 3 working days.

    How can I use net banking facility to make payment through BI?
    While submitting a purchase, the Net banking option should be selected to make payment through your bank account. Bharat Investment’s payment page will redirect you to your bank’s website. You may then enter the required details and authorize the payment for the purchase.

    How can I change my password?
    If you want to change your password, kindly login to your BI account, go to "My Account” and click on "Change Password".

    How can I recover my password?
    If you want to recover your password, please click on “Recover it now" option available on the login page at

    After how many trials my BI account will be locked?
    How can I unlock the same?
    Your account will be locked if you enter a wrong password 3 consecutive times. It can be unlocked by clicking on “Recover it now" option available on your sign in page.

    What are the requirements to open a Bharat Investment account?
    Your KYC should be registered and you need to provide your bank account proof to open a Bharat Investment account. You also need an email id to be kept as a login id.

    How soon will my account be activated after completion of all formalities?
    Your account will be activated within 2-4 working days.

    How will I know the status of my account opening ?
    On completion of the online account opening process, our team will verify your KYC documents and bank proof. After due verification, you will receive an account activation mail on your registered mail id. How can I add investor in my account with Bharat Investment ?
    Once your first account has been activated with Bharat Investment, you can add investor by following the below given steps :
    • Go to My account > Add new client
    • On the account opening page, enter details of the investor you wish to add i.e. name, PAN, date of birth/incorporation etc. and verify mobile number through OTP.
    • Our team will verify the details and an email will be sent to your registered mail id once account has been activated.

    How can I open an account with BI?
    Opening an account with BI is quick, simple and free. An investor would just have to do the following:
    1. Client has to provide basic details like Name, Mobile No. Email Id, Date of Birth, PAN etc.
    2. BI will fetch your KYC details from KRA
    3. Once your KYC status is verified by BI, you just need to upload cancelled cheque copy of your bank which you want to register.
    4. We will verify your documents, and your account will be get activated within 2 business days.
    With which banks has BI partnered for their banking transactions ?
    Click here to view the list of banks which provide both Net Banking & NACH facility.
    Click here to view the list of banks which provide only NACH facility


    What payment options are available for purchases in Bharat Investment ?
    While submitting purchase you have the option of Net banking or NACH mandate to get the purchase funds debited from your bank account.

    How can I make an investment if my bank is not registered in the list of banks available for Net banking ?
    If your bank is not registered in the list of banks available for Net banking, you can make an investment through NACH mandate in Bharat Investment. All you need to do is submit your NACH mandate to us and we will send it to your bank for registration. Once your mandate is activated, you can start investing in Bharat Investment through NACH mandate.

    What is the difference between submitting a purchase via Net banking and via NACH mandate ?
    While submitting purchase via Net banking, your bank account will be debited immediately whereas via NACH mandate, your bank account will be debited in the next 1-2 days.

    Where will the funds for my redemption get credited?
    Redemption proceeds will be credited to the bank account registered with Bharat Investment.

    When will the redemption amount be credited to my bank account ?
    The redemption amount will be credited to your bank account as per the defined scheme specific guidelines laid down by the mutual fund regulatory authority. Normally, the TAT is T+1 for liquid/debt schemes and T+3 for equity schemes.


    Will this facility be available for all mutual funds?
    Yes it is available for all mutual funds mentioned for investments with BI.

    What is One Time Mandate (OTM)?
    OTM stands for One Time Mandate. It is a onetime registration process that enables the investor to transact seamlessly on the BI platform.

    What are the advantages of OTM?
    Using the OTM feature, the investor instructs his bank to debit a certain amount at specified interval/frequency set by him. With this instruction the investor can proceed to carry out SIP and lump sum transactions in his BI account thereby eliminating the dependency on any particular mode of payment.

    How do I register for an OTM with BI?
    You will receive NACH Mandate on your registered address from BI after the account opening process is completed. You need to sign & send the NACH mandate back to us for registering the NACH Mandate in your bank.

    How long will it take for my OTM to be registered?
    It will take approximately 15 working days to get your OTM registered with your bank.

    Is there any limit on the number of funds that can be selected?
    BI has allowed maximum 10 schemes can be selected for Lumpsum & SIP both.

    When can I start investing through OTM?
    You need to send OTM duly signed to us which will be further submitted to our payment gateway to be registered with your bank. Once your bank accepts & approves it you can start with your investments.

    Who will debit the amount from my bank account?
    Amount will be debited by our payment gateway named “Tech Process”.

    Are there any charges for rejection of transaction due to insufficient funds?
    BI does not levy any charges for such rejections. Your rejected transaction will not be processed further. However, your bank may levy charges for the same. Kindly contact your bank to know the charges.


    Which bank account can a NRI use for investing in mutual funds ?
    NRI can invest from NRE and NRO bank account only.

    How many bank accounts can a NRI register for investing in mutual funds
    NRI can register two bank accounts for investing in mutual funds: one NRE and one NRO bank account.

    Do NRIs get access to all mutual funds
    Non Resident Indians (NRIs) can invest in all the mutual fund schemes offered by all asset management companies (AMCs). However, most AMCs do not allow NRIs who are US/Canada residents to invest through the online mode due to regulatory restrictions. Such investors can invest online in the schemes of L&T Mutual Fund and Sundaram Mutual Fund for now. Any revisions, as and when happening, will be updated in Bharat Investment.

    Can a NRI invest jointly with one or more holders ?
    Yes, NRI can invest jointly with other holders. To invest jointly, NRI has to add one or more investors in his account. However, on Bharat Investment, the mode of holding will always remain Anyone or Survivor


    How can I open a minor’s account with Bharat Investment ?
    Minor’s account can be added through guardian only. To open a minor’s account, the guardian should primarily hold a Bharat Investment account. You need to upload proof of relationship of the minor with guardian. Also, minor’s bank account proof is mandatory to be submitted. The guardian in minor’s bank account and Bharat Investment should be the same.

    Can I make investment from guardian’s bank account on behalf of minor ? Yes. Investment can be made from guardian’s registered bank account on behalf of minor. However, redemption amount will be credited in minor’s bank account only.

    I am registered as a guardian in Bharat Investment. Can I make an investment in my name from my minor’s bank account ?
    No. It is not allowed as per mutual fund regulatory guidelines.


    I am an existing account holder with Bharat Investment. Can I add HUF account in my existing account ?
    Yes. You can add a HUF account in your family account or you can also open a HUF account separately. Please note that HUF account can be added in the family account, only if the Karta is already registered with Bharat Investment.

    Can I open a HUF account without submitting any physical documents ?
    No. HUF registration process is not paperless. Once you complete the registration process, we will send you a welcome kit along with account opening form, FATCA form and NACH mandate. You need to sign and stamp FATCA form and NACH mandate and send it back to us. We will verify your documents and will send you an account activation mail on your registered email id once your account gets activated.

    Can HUF make investment jointly with one or more holders?
    No. HUF can invest in mutual funds as a single holder only.


    What is InstaFunds ? InstaFunds is a facility provided in Bharat Investment wherein, upon request, you can receive the proceeds of your redemption request instantly in your bank account. This facility is currently mapped to select liquid schemes of select AMCs.

    Will I get redemption amount instantly in my bank account if I make redemption through InstaFunds ?
    If your bank is IMPS enabled and your folio contains IFSC code then you will get redemption amount within a maximum time of 30 minutes in your bank account, if redemption is made through InstaFunds.

    Is InstaFunds facility open to all investors ?
    No. InstaFunds facility is open to resident individuals only.

    My bank is not IMPS enabled. Will I be able to redeem via InstaFunds ?
    No. You will need to redeem through the normal ‘redemption’ tab available in Bharat Investment.

    Can I place a redemption request for any amount through InstaFunds ?
    No. You can redeem upto 90% of the current value of your investment, subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 50000.00 per day including multiple transactions

    Which schemes are available for redemption through InstaFunds ?
    At present, only Reliance Liquid Fund - Treasury Plan and DSP BlackRock Liquidity Fund are available for redemption via InstaFunds.

    I have not received the InstaFunds redemption credit in my bank account & it is more than 30 minutes now. What should I do ? You can call us on our toll free number 1800 419 5051 or write to us at and we shall assist you.